The Board of Supervisors is pleased to announce our new partnership with the Adams Rescue Mission to bring recycling services to Berwick Township. You will see that a trailer is sitting in the Municipal Building parking lot. This trailer will serve as the drop off point for our accepted recyclable items. A set of steps lead into the trailer where you will find gaylord boxes and drums clearly identified with what items go where. Please be sure to separate your recyclables and place them into each container as labeled.

ALL monies realized by the Adams Rescue Mission from these recyclables goes directly to feeding, clothing and providing shelter for the homeless in our area.

UPDATE 4/15: We would like to take a moment to thank everyone for making this program a success. Those taking advantage of this service are doing a wonderful job complying with the separation of recyclables as labeled. In light of the recent difficulties other townships have faced with their programs you deserve to be commended.

We have 2 items to make you aware of. We have discovered that the Rescue Mission cannot recycle the plastic nursery pots and market packs that you get plants in from places like Lowes, Home Depot and our local nurseries. Also containers that were used to hold oil or anti-freeze products cannot be recycled because the petroleum in those products leeches into the plastic. We cannot accept any of these items and thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

We would like to thank Eric Binner and Parcel Plus for making and donating all the signs that are on the outside and inside of the recycling trailer.

Available hours of operation are subject to change due to weather conditions.

Recyclable Items We Accept

Aluminum Cans and scrap metal – (Please remove webbing from old lawn chairs)

Tin Cans – Labels may be left on, but please rinse all cans and bottles for sanitary reasons

Cardboard/Corrugated – Without waxy finish

Newspaper – No glossy inserts


‘White’ Paper – Notebook paper, copy paper, stationary, church bulletins, office paper, computer paper, some junk mail (please remove plastic window on envelopes and glossy inserts)

Paper can be in both sheet and shredded form.

Plastic – ONLY #’s 1 and 2 (bottle form only defined as any container where the body of the container is wider than the opening)

Please note our trailer will be under 24/7 camera surveillance. Use of the recycling trailer as a trash drop off will not be tolerated. Any items dropped off other than those listed above will be considered dumping and a violation of Criminal Code Section 6501, Subsection A 1: Scattering rubbish, trash, etc. First time violators will face a $300 fine.

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